citrus wedding
Okay, ladies… You’re going to marry the man of your dreams. You’ve secured the date and venue. Now you have to make sure that every important person in your life—and his—knows when and where. This is not a place to go cheap and let me tell you why:

  1. Your wedding invitations set the stage for the entire affair. Think of your invitations as the first impression guests will have of your big day. What will your invitations say about your fete? The style of your invitations should match the tone of your wedding. Elegant and refined? Fun and whimsical? Choose your invitations thoughtfully.
  2. They’re not just the when and where, but also the wear. With your invitations, you’re telling your guests what to expect. Daytime casual? Evening chic? If you choose a gorgeous 220 pound paper with red calligraphy, your female guests will know that they should wear their finest game day attire. They can assume that the bridesmaids’ dresses will be red, so they should avoid that color. They’ll also know how to dress their dates. Let face it, most guys have no clue.
  3. They’re not just throw-aways. Many couples will say, “Why should I spend a lot of money on invitations when guests will just throw them away?” But think about when you get an invitation in the mail. Do you throw away the beautiful ones? I know people—who aren’t even designers—that keep the invitations they love on their fridge for years after the event. It’s a keepsake for them as well as yourself. You want something frameable!
  4. People WILL judge. It sounds terrible but it’s the truth. If you don’t take your invitations seriously, your guests won’t take your wedding seriously. If you go cheap, so will your guests. And it’s not just about the actual day. If your guests are looking forward to attending your lavish affair, they’re going to want to lavish you with best wishes and a great gift. It’s all about the gifts anyway, right? Just kidding!
  5. There are other ways to save. Skip the favors—no one eats those jordan almonds anyway. Forget the videographer—did you know that you can post videos on Instragram? Use your own hashtag and let your guests document your day. And that day doesn’t have to be a Saturday. Pick a long weekend and do it up on Sunday instead. People are dying for a reason to party during Columbus Day weekend.

graphic design
Invitations make all the difference. Please do yourself a favor and take the time to find a talented designer (perhaps moi), perfect paper, envelopes, calligrapher or pen. Your wedding invitations aren’t just paper.

citrus wedding