Kids Read, Inc. is a non-profit company
that tutors children with reading and learning disabilities.

The Challenge

As a teacher by trade, Elizabeth devoted her spare time to helping struggling students realize their reading potential. She began her non-profit to both help teachers find another purpose for their talent and to use her simple method to help under-privileged students and those with learning disabilities. Because she was just starting out, she was looking for a simple and fun branding to help attract new teachers and students.

The Solution

At first glance, the client didn’t notice the book nestled in the mark. They thought it just was a lively, happy little logo. When they realized that their identity said everything about what they do and what they mean to the kids they help in a clean, joyful illustration, they were blown away. I designed the website and stationery to be approachable and kept them pretty simple to match their tagline, “all kids can read and the method is simple.”

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