The Intelligentsia Agency Inc.’s Branding Goal

The Intelligentsia Agency is a speakers bureau located in the Washington, DC area that specializes in finding talented entertainers and consultants for events and expos around the world. The founder and president, Carson Candace, was looking for a new chic and minimal logo to reflect that her company is an intellectual property business working locally and worldwide. She wanted it to exude power and prestige.


The Solution

With interlocking letters and a clean bold color palette, the final logo is both modern and classic. The simple mark strikes the delicate balance between authoritative but approachable. It has a high end quality that will stand the test of time. I expanded the palette to include elegant hues of blue, red and deep green—to be used as accent colors—as well as a range of grays.


The logo…reminds me of multiple paradoxes within ONE, like myself, AND like the speaking industry and the professional speakers. I like it because it inspires a certain feel…a certain promise.

It’s simple yet powerful. Simple yet prestigious. Interlocked representing interdependence, and more. The colors even are symbolic.

Powerful brands, often have very simple logos, that turn out to yield very powerful and prestigious branding.

Candace Carson

Founder & President, The Intelligentsia Agency Inc.

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