Every night we pray as a family and we say whom we would like God to bless and what we’re thankful for. My girls aren’t really aware of what is exactly happening in our nation and the world, but they bless people “who are suffering” and those “who have no love in their life.” And they’re thankful for their family and friends, that people love them, and that they have a safe place to live. I just thought I’d share in the light of recent events. I dunno…maybe there’s hope in the next generation for empathy and love. So again in the spirit of spreading love, I’m offering this artwork as a FREE printable download.

Please enjoy this 8 x 10″ artwork! Feel free to spread the love and share the design with a friend who needs a little art amour in their life! But please don’t sell it. Click HERE to download. Vive la France! ❤️???

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