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Welcome back to my Favorite Font Friday series! This cute little serif font is called Mrs. Eaves. It’s super versatile with a bold, italic as well as petite and small caps. There is something very friendly and approachable about it.

The letterforms have a smaller x-height which is what contributes to its cuteness by making it look short and kind of stubby. There are some unique swashes on some of the letters in the Roman version of the font like the lowercase G and the uppercase Q and the uppercase J drops well below the baseline.

If you’re familiar with the fonts and have ever wondered just who Mrs. Eaves is, she was the wife of John Baskerville who was a businessman, printer and type designer from the mid 18th century. The situation between Mrs. Eaves and Baskerville was a bit scandalous. She was hired as his live-in housekeeper. When her husband left her and her five children, Mrs. Eaves became Baskerville’s mistress. She and Baskerville were married after Mrs. Eaves’ estranged husband passed away.

The Mrs. Eaves typeface, designed by Emigre in 1996, is somewhat of a variant of Baskerville and therefore, the name “Mrs. Eaves” is rather apropos.

I recently used this typeface for the FAES’s logo and branding. See it in action below and the entire branding HERE:

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