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Event Marketing: Digital Invitations/Eblasts

I often get asked by clients to create a “digital invitation” or “eblast” graphic that they can attach to, or insert into the body of, an email for their event.

I don’t recommend sending digital invitations as attachments because spam filters don’t like them. Honestly, this is a tired method of getting your invitation out to your guests. Furthermore, you also can’t track who opens the email and actually sees the message. So you have no idea how effective your email was—did anyone actually see it?

I always recommend an email service like MailChimp and here’s why:

  1. With an email service, you can define a call-to-action (CTA) and people can click through to the site to register for the event (or do whatever the goal of the email is).
  2. Email services give you detailed reports of opens, clicks, bounces, etc. You can then follow-up with those who didn’t open or click-through with a new tailored message.
  3. You can set up segments of your email list to target particular addresses with different messaging.
  4. Email services have ready to go layouts that you can easily brand with your own look and feel. I recommend using imagery and of course branded elements to make your blast really POP!
  5. And the most important reason is that once you set up your email service account, it can become part of an overall communication strategy that you can schedule several weeks out with other events or news about YOUR business.

It may take a bit to get the hang of using an email service, but you won’t be sorry! Recipients can easily unsubscribe if they’re not interested in receiving any further blasts. But with a cool design and targeted content, why would they? 😉

So instead of just sending my clients invitations to attach or insert, I offer to design a template that I can share with them for them to send on their own. Or, I can create branded imagery sized to the specs (pixel size) of the template they choose for them to insert and send themselves. Either way it’s a much better solution for sending an invitation via email.

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