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Comps versus The Real Thing

Some of my clients have trouble visualizing what a design will look like when it's printed. I try my best to create digital comps to simulate the final product. Luckily, InDesign makes it really easy to link the actual file to the comp. I show the piece...

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Event Invitation as an Attachment—Don’t Do It!

Event Marketing: Digital Invitations/Eblasts I often get asked by clients to create a "digital invitation" or "eblast" graphic that they can attach to, or insert into the body of, an email for their event. I don't recommend sending digital invitations as attachments...

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Award Ceremony Branding—FNIH Lurie Prize

Each year, the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health honors an exceptional young scientist in the field of biomedical sciences with The Lurie Prize. The annual Lurie Prize award ceremony is the FNIH's premier event. It brings together some of the foremost...

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Tip: Event Program Ad Space

How to make the most of event program ad space A little tip for event professionals who sell advertising in their event program. If your program is saddle-stitched, there are 4 premier ad spaces: back cover inside front cover inside back cover center spread The center...

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From Sketches to Finished Logo Designs

How can a graphic designer not be good at drawing her ideas? Full disclosure here...I'm not the best at drawing. I can draw what I see, like a still life or a model, but I'm not great at drawing off the top of my head. BUT I'm a big proponent of sketching a design...

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InDesign Tips and Tricks — How to Hang Quotes

I think all designers are innately perfectionists which is probably not entirely healthy. That said, there are a lot of typography missteps that make me cringe when I see them. (See my earlier post on the subject.) One type faux pas that is particularly irksome is the...

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Clients Are Allies Not Enemies

Back when I was a young designer straight out of school, I used to get so offended when clients would have something negative to say about my work. It was one thing to have a fellow designer or professor critique my work...but a client? What do they know about design?...

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Typography Tips and Tricks–Curly Vs. Straight

Did you know there's a difference between curly and straight? I'm not talking about hair...haha! I'm talking about typography. It's somewhat simple—apostrophe's are curly, foot marks are straight. Quotes are curly, inch marks are straight. People get it wrong all the...

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InDesign Tips and Tricks–Importing Text

InDesign Tips & Tricks: Importing Text 18 APRIL, 2017 graphic design Welcome to my first installment of a series I'm calling "Indesign Tips and Tricks." I've had years (and years and years) of experience importing and formatting text. When I started my career as a...

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