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There are just those places that you can’t resist. Against your better judgment, the impulses are simply too great to fight. There are two things on your list and somehow you come out spending 5 times what you intended. It’s a problem but you don’t really mind.

Here are the top 3 places that get ALL my money:

1️⃣ iTunes: I’m a music junky, constantly buying new stuff. Calvin Harris is my jam right now. My husband groans when I Shazam a song. He knows that’s $1.29 down the tubes. If you don’t have the Shazam app, get it! It changed my life.

2️⃣ Target: How cute are these little binder clips? I don’t even HAVE anything to bind, but I couldn’t resist! Each trip has $100 price tag. I’m never sure how it happened.

3️⃣ Bath & Body Works: This store is my favorite! I could spend hours in there smelling everything. I particularly love their whole Hawaii line—it’s like a vacation in a bottle. And I literally have a crate full of their foaming soaps. As the seasons change, I switch them out. So there are some half full pumpkin ones in there. ?

What places get all YOUR money?

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