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Judge Mark W. Crooks was appointed
to the Anne Arundel County Maryland bench
by Governor Larry Hogan and is running
for election to retain his seat.

The Challenge

Mark Crooks served in the Navy and had extensive experience as a state prosecutor and federal prosecutor when he was appointed as a Circuit Court Judge in Anne Arundel County. As a sitting judge, he is campaigning to retain his seat. He was looking for a logo and branding for his campaign that sent the message that he is more qualified to be on the bench than any potential competitors.

The branding needed to appeal to voters on both sides of the aisle and to voters who feel strongly that judges should follow the law and respect the Constitution. He wanted his logo to highlight his Naval career in some way and also convey his Annapolis-area residency. He mentioned that he loves logos with “a-ha moments” when the mark stands for two things. His website and branding needed to convey both a seriousness and a familiarity—a friend on the bench serving the community.

The Solution

The anchor and the color palette of Judge Crooks’ identity speak to his background in the Navy and will especially resonate with Navy servicemen and women in the Annapolis area. His initials (MC) are subtly conveyed in his logo and give him that a-ha moment he was looking for.

The website’s main objective is to garner donations to his campaign. Therefore, the design itself is simple, yet approachable, and the “donate” button is set off to draw the eye. We boiled down his experience and message into the memorable tagline “Dedicated. Fair. Kind.”

When it came to designing his business cards, we wanted to make sure they made a statement and discouraged people from tossing them in the trash. So we decided to make them extra thick with 35 pt paper and metallic gold edging.

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