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Beach Blue Watercolor Wedding Styled Shoot

After a really tough week, this stunning styled shoot is just what I needed to get psyched for spring and summer. I'm envisioning myself with my toes in the sand, a cocktail in hand and in total relax mode. With beautiful blues in the color palette, I designed the...

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The Art of Opening Credits Design

Whether I'm watching a movie or binging on my latest Netflix obsession, those of you who know me well know that I totally geek out over beautiful opening credits. What were once just a boring list of names, the design of opening credits has become an art form. Thanks...

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2017 Chef’s Best Fundraiser Logo

A little drumroll...I’m thrilled to unveil the logo for Food & Friends’ 27th annual Chef’s Best Dinner and Auction which takes place June 19, 2017 at the gorgeous Marriott Marquis Washington DC. The elegant evening offers delicious dishes created by local...

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Favorite Font Friday 3-10-17 Mrs. Eaves

Welcome back to my Favorite Font Friday series! This cute little serif font is called Mrs. Eaves. It's super versatile with a bold, italic as well as petite and small caps. There is something very friendly and approachable about it. The letterforms have a smaller...

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Favorite Font Friday 3-3-17 Didot

Welcome back to my Favorite Font Friday series! The font showcased above is an elegant typeface called Didot. It was created by the Didots, a French family of type designers, in the late 18th to early 19th century....

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Favorite Font Friday 2-24-17 Unicase

Welcome to my Favorite Font Friday series! Today I'm going to talk about unicase fonts, also known as unicameral fonts. Modern languages have two cases for each letter, upper and lower, unlike some earlier languages, for example Hebrew and Arabic, that only have one...

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Favorite Font Friday 2-17-17 Futura

Welcome to my Favorite Font Friday series! If this is your first visit, be sure to check out last week's font post. The "Favorite FONT Friday" text in the image above is a font called Futura. It's a classic modern font with a very geometric look and feel. It was...

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How to Choose Paper

How I Choose Paper for My Projects 19 FEBRUARY, 2017 graphic design Did you know that paper is like a snowflake? No two sheets are exactly alike! I've been a designer for over 15 years and I've learned quite a bit about paper and that knowledge has helped me choose...

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